Last updated July 22, 2019

1. Introduction:

Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd is an e-commerce company that provides its services all around the Sri Lanka. By accessing you agree to be bound by our user agreements. Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd reserves right to modify, amend, add and subtract from this user agreement without prior notification and it is deemed to have been thus updated once published online.

2. Registration:

To register with you must over 18 years of age. You must ensure that all the details provided by you at the time registration or opening account must be true and complete.

3. Confidentiality of the user account:

The username, password and any other sensitive information need to be kept confidential and secure. It is your responsibility to do so. Misuse or unauthorized use of your account or details will be borne by you and Janasiri Distributors  (pvt) Ltd will not assume any liability for actioning the instructions that comes through the logged in user account without any further verification.

However, if you know or suspect that someone else knows your account details you should notify us by contacting hotline services given below.

4. Purchases and Return policy:

All the purchases of good and products are within the places that are indicated on the site. Upon the delivery of products, the person accepting the product ordered must sign the copy of invoice or/ bill.
The person accepting the goods must know that herein the items delivered cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.

5. Payment of Purchases:

5.1 Methods of Payment

One must always use their own card or     other payment mechanism to settle the due amounts at Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd. There are multiple payment options provided from which can be chosen. All the payments must be made in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR).

        5.2. Payment Disputes

In the event of disputes in payments, Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd reserves all right to take action of recourse, including but not limited to recovering amounts from the recipient of the order.

6. Deliveries: 

            6.1 Delivery Time

Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd is unable to guarantee you a specific time of delivery. In the vent of delay, a Customer care agent will be in touch with the recipient to inform the delay. The delivery time may vary depending upon the time and distance of the location at which goods are to be delivered.

            6.2 Repeat deliveries

If the recipient of an item is not present on the given date or timr when call over to deliver, Janasiri Distributors  (pvt) Ltd reserves right to charge for the subsequent delivery.

            6.3 Restricted Locations

Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd may not be able to deliver products to all the part published due to serviceability related issues.

7. Our right to cancel or suspend your registration:

Janasiri Distributors (pvt) Ltd reserves right to cancel or suspend your account at our reasonable discretion or of you breach any terms and conditions of this policy.

8. Unavoidable Circumstances:

The happening of an occasion which substantially inhibits with the ability of a company and the recipient to perform its duties hereunder which is not within the judicious control of the sides affected or any of its Associates, and which could not with the implementation of Hard-work have been avoided (“Unavoidable Circumstances Event”), counting, but not restricted to, warfare, revolt, earthquake, fire, mishap, assault, riot, civil turmoil, act of God, failure to gain raw supplies, postponement or mistakes by shipping companies or change in Regulation, shall not excuse such sides from the performance of its duties under this Contract, but shall just suspend such act during the Force Majeure Event. The sides subject to an Unavoidable Circumstances Event shall punctually notify the other side of the happenings and details of such Event and shall provide the other side, from time to time, with its best estimation of the period of such Force Majeure Event and with notice of the end thereof. The side so affected shall use Meticulous Efforts to evade or remove such causes of non-performance as soon as is rationally feasible. Upon end of the Unavoidable Circumstances Event, the performance of any postponed duty shall without delay resume. The side subject to the Event shall not be accountable to the other side for any indemnities rising out of or involving to the postponement or end of any of its duties under this Contract.

9. Governing Law:

This shipping policy and the terms under it shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the Laws of Sri Lanka. In the event of any dispute or difference arising out of this shipping policy such disputes or difference shall first be discussed among the Parties in a spirit of mutual co-operation. In the failure to resolve any disputes the aggrieved Party shall have the right to pursue and/or initiate action in a court of competent jurisdiction within Sri Lanka.